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Butterflied Boneless Leg of Lamb
Leg of Lamb (bone-in)
Lamb Chops (loin and rack)
Ground Lamb

Shoulder Chops
Rack of Lamb
Lamb Shanks
Whole Lamb
Half Lamb
Ground Beef
Ground Beef Patties
Sirloin Steak
Ribeye Steak
Strip Steak
Filet Steak
Sirloin Tip Roast
Rump Roast
Chuck Roast
Arm Roast
Stew Meat
Short Ribs
Quarter Beef (split-side)
Half Beef
Butterflied Boneless Leg of Lamb$13.00 lb
Can be put on the grill or used as a roast. We will split the leg to offer a 2-3 pound leg or leave it whole for a 4-6 pound leg.
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Leg of Lamb (bone-in)$13.00 lb
This traditional favorite makes a beautiful and delicous roast.  Offered whole at approximately 5-7 pounds or split at 2.5-3.5 pounds.   SOLD OUT
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Ground Lamb$10.00 lb
Use it in place of ground beef in your favorite recipes or just make some lambburgers on the grill.  Approximately 1 pound packages (.75-1.25 lb).
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Lamb Chops
Loin $24 lb        Rack $19 lb        
Take your choice of chops from the loin or rack.  Tender and delicious, chops are sliced 1" thick.   All are wrapped 4 to a package.  Packages generally weigh .75-1.25 pounds.
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Shoulder Chops$8.00 lb
Very flavorful and an excellent choice for the grill or for broiling.  Shoulder chops are sliced 1" thick and wrapped 2 per package.  Packages generally weigh 1-1.75 pounds.
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Rack of Lamb$19.00 lb
A beautiful 4 ribbed Frenched roast.  Typical weight is .75-1 pound.  Full 8 rib roasts are also available by request through email
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Lamb Shank$8.00 lb
Large front or rear shank.  One per package.  Typical weight is approximately .75-1.5 pounds.
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Ground Beef$7.00 lb
Flavorful ground beef wrapped in a 2 pound package.  Easily splits in half to use 1 pound at a time.
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Ground Beef Patties$7.50 lb
A box of about 18 preformed 5 oz. patties.  Easy to separate and easy to use.  Each box weighs approximately 5-6 pounds.
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Ribeye Steak$15.00 lb
Cut 3/4" thick and wrapped 2 per package.  Approximately 1 pound per package.
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Sirloin Steak$11.00 lb
Cut 3/4" thick and wrapped 1 per package.  Approximately 1-1.25 pounds per package.
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Strip Steak$14.00 lb
Cut 3/4" thick and wrapped 2 per package.  Approximately .8-1.0 pounds per package.
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Fillet Steak$24.00 lb
Cut 1 1/4" thick and wrapped 2 per package.  Approximately .5-.75 pounds per package.
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Sirloin Tip Roast$6.95 lb
This boneless roast weighs approximately 2-2.5 pounds and has a wonderful beef flavor.
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Rump Roast$6.95 lb
A lean, boneless roast cut to weigh approximately 2-2.5 pounds.
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Chuck Roast$6.50 lb
A very tender bone-in roast cut to weigh approximately 2-2.5 pounds.
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Arm Roast$5.50 lb
Similar to the chuck roast, it is also cut to weigh approximately 2-2.5 pounds.  SOLD OUT
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Stew Meat$6.95 lb
Approximately 3/4-1" pieces of boneless meat from the roasts, with about 1-1.25 pounds per package.
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Short Ribs$4.50 lb
Generally packaged in 1.5-2.5 pound packages.
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Quarter Beef  $7.69 lb cut weight
Half Beef$7.64 lb cut weight
Whole Beef$7.59 lb cut weight
A ¼ beef is usually 90 pounds +/- 10%, a ½ beef ~180 pounds of meat and a whole beef is about 360 pounds.  The price for 1/4 beef is $7.69 per pound.  If your beef weighs exactly 90 pounds it would be $692.10.  By buying in volume you save at least $80 compared to buying the cuts individually.  This price includes cutting, wrapping and delivery to the Indianapolis or Terre Haute area.  A $100 deposit will reserve your beef.  The following information is a breakdown on the different cuts and wrapping options for a ¼ beef (this amount of meat will fill ~4 brown grocery sacks).  This just a starting template- adjustments can be made to fit the needs of you and your family.
Steak- 15-20 pounds
~6 Ribeye (6-8 ounces) 3/4" 2/pkg
~6 Strip (6-8 ounces) 3/4"  2/pkg
~2-3 Filet (4-5 ounces) 1" 2/pkg
~3 Sirloin (12-16 ounces) 3/4" 1/pkg
~1 Flat iron (3-5 ounces) 1” 2/pkg
~5 Round steaks (12-16 ounces) ¾” 1/pkg or Cube steaks (aka minute steaks) (3-4ounces) tenderized 4/pkg, The round and cube can also be used for good ground beef
Roasts (all 1/pkg) & Stew meat- 20-25 pounds
~5 bone-in chuck roast 2.5#
~2 bone-in arm roast 2.5#
1 boneless sirloin tip roasts 2.5#
1 boneless rump roast 2.5#
5# stew meat in 1# pkgs
Ground beef- 35-40 pounds
~2# packages or 5# patty boxes
Short ribs-3#
Brisket 2#
Soup bones up to 5#

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Half or Whole Lamb$8.00 lb carcass weight
Each half or whole lamb will be custom cut and wrapped to your specifications.  A ½ lamb yields between 25-35 pounds of meat and costs ~$260-345 depending on the size of the lamb (just double these amounts for a whole lamb).  By buying in volume you have at least a $20 cost savings compared to buying the individual packages. A $50 deposit will reserve your lamb.  Also included is delivery to the Indianapolis or Terre Haute area.

The cuts from a half lamb (will fill 1 brown grocery bag) include:
Shanks:  front and rear or can be used for ground lamb
Shoulder: can be cut into chops usually about 4 1” chops, stew meat 2-3#, or roasts
Rack: 8 rib rack or 2 four rib racks or eight 1” chops
Loin: 6-8 1” loin chops
Sirloin: 2-3 1” chops, 1.5-2.5# roast or kabob meat
Leg: one 6-8 pound bone-in leg or can have bone removed and have leg divided into two pieces
Ground lamb: 7-10#, can switch up to half of the ground lamb for bratwurst or Italian sausage


Sausage Patties
Heat-n-Eat BBQ
Picnic Roast
Boston Butt Roast
Spare Ribs
Country Style Ribs
Butterfly Chops
Bone-In Rib Chops
Tenderloin Roast
Pork Patties
Half Hog
Whole Hog

Heat-n-Eat Gyro$13.00 lb
So easy...each 1 pound package is sliced, fully cooked and seasoned. 
Sausage Patties$6.25 lb.
Six pattties in each 1-1.25 pound package.  With a mild sage seasoning for old-fashioned country flavor, it is hard to stop with just one.
Heat-n-BBQ$8.00 per pkg
A delicious, fast meal is easy with this fully-cooked BBQ.  You can eat it cold or just quickly reheat.  Each package has the shredded pork and tangy sauce already combined.
Picnic Roast$3.00 lb.  SOLD OUT
This 1.5-2 pound bone-in roast comes from the shoulder and is great for the slow cooker or baking in the oven.
Boston Butt Roast$3.75 lb.
Also sometimes called the shoulder roast, the boston butt is similiar to the picnic just bigger (2-3.5 pounds).
Spare Ribs$3.00 lb.
Good for grilling or for a slower cooker recipe.  Slather on the BBQ sauce and be ready to get messy. 
Country Style Ribs$6.00 lb.
Want ribs and have a hearty appetite?  These country ribs have more meat and less bone than the traditional spare rib cut. 
Ham$5.95 lb.
.  These juicy and tender hams are usually 2-4 pounds.  The only problem with these hams is you will never want to eat another kind again. 
Lamb Bratwurst $11.00 lb
Looking for something different than the usual burger or hot dog?  These brats have apple-based seasoning but the lamb gives them extra kick.  Each package is ~1.25 pound and contains four brats in casing.

Lamb Italian Sausage$11.00 lb.
Ground lamb with a slightly sweet seasoning in a natural pork casing.  Tasty on the grill or use to bring a new twist to marinara-based recipes.  Four sausage in each ~1.25 pound package. 
Lamb Kabob$15.00 lb.
Pre-cut 1 1/2-2 inches cubes of lean lamb.  Ready for the skewer and your favorite fruits and vegetables.  Each package is about 1.5 pounds
Butterfly Chops$8.00 lb.
Great flavor yet lean.  These boneless chops are cut 3/4" thick and weigh ~6-7 ounces.  Wrapped with two chops per package.
Bone-in Rib Chops$8.00 lb.
No need to marinate or cover with seasonings.  The juicy chops have a wonderful taste and can be put right on the grill.  Each package contains two 6-8 ounce chops cut 3/4" thick. 
Tenderloin Roast$14.00 lb.
This long, lean roast weighs from 3/4 to one pound.  A tender cut that can be grilled or baked.  Definitely nice enough for company, but you may not want to share.
Pork Patties$6.25 lb.
Do you have someone in your house with refined taste buds (aka picky eater)?  I do, but these ground pork burgers have passed the picky eater test.   With six 5 ounces patties in a package, they grill or fry up so delicious, one package may not be enough.
Bacon$10.00 lb.
This all natural bacon is some fine bacon!  It is hickory smoked and contains no nitrates or MSG. It is cut to a medium thickness in ~1 pound packages.  Please try the bacon because my description does not do it justice. 
Half or whole hog$5.45 lb.cut weight
A ½ hog yields 60-70 pounds of meat and will fill up ~ 3 brown grocery bags.  The per pound price of $5.45 includes cutting, wrapping and delivery to the Clinton, Indianapolis or Terre Haute area.  Sixty-five pounds of meat would be $381.50.  A deposit of $50 will reserve your order.

Shoulder: Used for the Boston Butt (bone-in) and picnic (bone-in) roasts.  The shoulder will yield about 7 pounds of each roast.
Ribs: Source for both the spare ribs (more bone, less meat) and the country style ribs (more meat than spare ribs).  A half hog produces about 4 pounds of these two rib cuts.
Chops: From a half hog there will be about 6 pounds of bone-in rib chops and 2-3 pounds of boneless butterfly chops.
Tenderloin: One ¾-1 pound long, tender cut of pork.
Bacon: Approximately six pounds of delicious hickory-smoked meat in 1 pound packages. 
Sirloin:  This cut weighs about 2 pound and is very versatile.   Can be used for a boneless roast, cubes for kabobs or tenderized pork cutlets.
Back leg: Usually about 15-18 pounds.  Can be used for ham or ground for sausage/ground pork. To get the hams smoked and cured there is an additional $1 per pound charge. Can also be cut into fresh (ie no salts or curing) hams.
Ground pork: Will have a minimum of 12 pounds of ground pork.  The ground pork can be used for pre-cut pork burgers, bulk ground pork (1-2# packages) Polish sausage, chorizo, Italian sausage and/ sausage breakfast patties.

Lamb Bratwurst
Lamb Italian Sausage
Lamb Kabob
Heat-n-Eat lamb Gyro
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Taking deposits for 1/2 and whole hogs.
  Individual packages can be picked up at the farm store, farmer's markets or winter delivery locations.  Contact us about delivery of volume orders.
Make your deposit now for 1/8 1/4, 1/2 or whole 100% grassfed beef.

  Volume pork will be ready in fall 2016.  Please make your $50 deposit today to hold your spot on the waiting list.
Taking deposits for winter 2017 delivery
Whole Chicken
Cut-up Whole Chicken
Whole Chicken-                $4.25 lb.
All chickens are raised on pasture. Whole birds weigh between 3-5 #. Whole birds include gibs. 

Cut-Up Whole Chicken-           $4.45 lb.
Chickens are raised on pasture. Cut-up birds weigh between 3-5 #. Cut-up birds include all parts that a whole bird contains but is pre-cut for your convenience. Cut-up birds also contain the gibs