You can purchase Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb & Pork through this web site, at the on-farm store, and at Indianapolis and Terre Haute area farmers' markets. 

All Cattle and Sheep Raised on Pasture- Cattle and sheep are meant to graze and the pasture environment we provide means healthier animals and better tasting meat.  In addition, we feed high quality, locally-grown corn. Both grass/grain and 100% grassfed beef and lamb is available.

All Hogs Raised Outdoors-  The hogs on our farm live on pasture with plenty of space to roam, root and wallow.

Poultry Raised on Grass-  After the young meat chickens are ready to leave the warmth of the barn they live on pasture with access to shelter.  The egg-laying hens are pastured also.

Animals Live in a Clean, Low-Stress Environment- This means they can grow naturally without hormones and routine antibiotic use.

Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken is Butchered Locally-  Three health-inspected, family-owned butcher shops: Uselman Packing, Rice’s Quality Farm Meats and Central Illinois Poultry Processing cut and wrap all the meat and poultry.  The beef and lamb are dry-aged to maximize tenderness and flavor.

We Strive to be Good Stewards of the Land-  Our farm’s pasture environment reduces soil erosion, helps maintain water quality, and provides habitat for our livestock and abundant wildlife.

A Family Farm for Over 141 Years- Scott and Nikki are the fifth generation to continue the family tradition of full-time farming.
Natural, Tender, Flavorful Meats from Our Family to Yours
Thanks for visiting our web site.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email or by phone at 812-243-2190.
Scott & Nikki Royer
The Royer Family- Scott, Cale, Nikki and Knic
Thank you for your interest in Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb & Pork.  Our farm, located in Vermillion County, Indiana, was purchased by Nikki's great, great Grandfather in 1874. He and each generation that has followed had a reputation for raising quality livestock and we are proud to continue that tradition. Providing your family with a healthy, delicious meat is our top priority.

Cows out on their stockpiled winter fescue pasture.
Ewe lambs grazing on a cool fall morning
Volume orders... Have what you want, when you want, at a great price
Lamb- We are taking deposits for volume orders of 1/2 and whole lambs for summer 2016 delivery.
Beef- The volume orders of beef (1/4, 1/2 and whole)continue to be very popular; now taking deposits for spring/early summer 2016 delivery of both grass/grain and 100% grassfed.
Pork-  1/2 and whole hogs . Taking deposits for May 2016 or July 2016
Chickens-In stock now.
Eggs-  In stock now.
Berkshire pig on pasture after wallowing in the mud
The brown eggs come from pastured hens.
Cows and calves amid their summer pasture.
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Satisfied customers say…
“I have never cooked a ham before but I cooked one of yours for Christmas Eve dinner.  My husband said it was the best ham he’s ever had and his mom is a gourmet cook!”  LF-Fishers, IN

" My family raved!  Everyone kept going on and on about how tender and wonderful the leg of lamb was and my grama has decided that she wants to make it again for Christmas.  This is a big deal considering this woman has made the same meal for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter for the past 50 years!  CH- Terre Haute, IN

“We are *all* enjoying our beef.  My mom took her first bite and said ‘I am never buying beef from the grocery store again!’  I, of course, had to say ‘I told you so….’ ”  SC- Carmel, IN

“We absolutely LOVED the lamb.  I have had lamb from various states and I have never tasted any as delicious as yours.  The flavor was out of this world, I mean really delicious.  We are truly happy with our purchases.”  RG-Fishers, IN

2016 Schedule

Open Farm Day
May 11th 9-11AM Hands-on stations covering many aspects of agriculture targeting 4-6 year old participants.  Reservations required. Farm walking tours 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30 all ages welcome.  Reservations required.

On-Farm Store
12781 South State Road 63 Clinton
Saturday 8AM-4PM
Before making a special trip, we encourage you to call and check product availability

Broad Ripple
Farmer's Market every Saturday
Rain or Shine
May 7th through November 19th
Parking lot of Broad Ripple High School
1115 Broad Ripple Avenue

Farmer's Market every Saturday
Rain or Shine
May 7th through September 24th
Fishers Amphitheater off of 116th
(by the license branch and library)

Terre Haute Farmer's Market
Inside Clabber Girl Downtown at 9th and Wabash
May 7th

On-Farm Store
Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
Saturday  8AM-4PM

Before making a special trip we encourage you to call and confirm product availability
  Pastured poultry in their huts.
12781 South State Road 63 Clinton, Indiana
Just 20 miles north of  Interstate 70 in Terre Haute and 6 miles south of US Highway 36 (map)