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At Royer Farm Fresh our chickens are accomplished at chasing bugs, eating seeds and grass, lying in the sun and taking dust baths. Living in a low-stress and spacious pasture environment means the birds can grow naturally without any antibiotics or hormones. The Freedom Ranger variety of birds we raise have flavorful, juicy meat unlike the industrial birds found in groceries. Their diet of non-GMO grains is complimented by all the grass they can eat.  The birds have so much beta-carotene their skin has a sunny yellow glow. Our farm has been in the family for 148 years and we are proud to raise chickens the old-fashioned way just like our ancestors did.

See How Chickens at Royer Farm Fresh Are Raised

Whole Chicken

Stock your freezer with some of the tastiest chicken around. Buy 10 and get 5% off. The birds range in weight from 4.0-8.5 pounds and are $5.45 per pound. Sold out. Tentatively more available summer 2024.

Cut-Up Chicken

Always have an easy meal at hand with cut-up whole birds. Let the experts at the butcher shop do the cutting for you to produce two bone-in breasts, two thighs, two wings, two drumsticks and neck & back (makes the best chicken broth stock!). Buy 10 and get 5% off. The ten chickens will fill two brown grocery sacks, range in weight from 4.0-8.0 pounds and are $5.60 per pound. Sold Out. Tentatively more available summer 2024.

Individual Cuts (All Prices Per Pound)

Looking to buy chicken for a meal? These individual cuts may be available as supplies allow at our Clinton, Indiana farm store 

(M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-noon), White Violet Center on the campus of St. Mary of the Woods, farmer’s market in Terre Haute (once per month) or Indianapolis/Fishers area deliveries (once per month).

Whole Chicken sold out

Boneless, skinless breast 2/pkg

Hearts & livers 2# sold out

Necks & backs 2-3#








Cut-Up Whole Chicken sold out

Drumsticks 5/pkg 

Feet 1# sold out





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