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Grazing sheep can always been found in the spacious, peaceful fields here at Royer Farm. Being raised in a pasture environment means healthier animals and better tasting meat. In addition, the sheep can grow naturally without hormones or routine antibiotic use. We raise and sell 100% grassfed lamb. A local (two miles from the farm) health-inspected, family-owned butcher shop, Paxton Custom Meats, cuts and wraps all the lamb by hand. The lamb is dry-aged at least 6 days to maximize tenderness and flavor. Back in the 1800’s on the same farmstead where we still live today, Nikki’s great-great grandfather used sheep to trim his yard. We may use a lawnmower now, but we are honored to continue raising wholesome, natural meats like the generations before us.

Learn what you get with a half lamb

Half Lamb

Have a wonderful variety of delicious lamb at your fingertips with the purchase of a half lamb. You will receive 13-20 pounds of lamb that will fit in one brown grocery sack. The meat will be custom cut to your specifications and can include: 2 shanks, shoulder (chops, roasts and/or stew meat), rack of lamb as two 4-rib racks or one 8 rib rack, six-eight loin chops, lamb sirloin (chops, roast and/or kabob meat), leg of lamb, and five-seven pounds of ground lamb/lamb sausage. The cost will be $165-290 depending on the size of the lamb ($8.25/# of carcass weight with half carcasses weighing 20-35#).

Whole Lamb

Serious lamb lovers this option is for you. Flavorful, tender lamb when you want; cut the way you want. A whole lamb provides 25-40 pounds of lamb and fits in two brown grocery sacks and will be $330-$580 ($8.25/# of carcass weight with carcasses weighing 40-70#). Cuts that can be included with your order: up to four shanks, shoulder (chops, roasts and/or stew meat), rack of lamb as four 4-rib racks or two 8-rib racks, twelve-sixteen loin chops, lamb sirloin (chops, roast and/or kabob meat), 2 whole legs of lamb or 4 split legs, and ten-fourteen pounds of ground lamb/lamb sausage.

See how lamb at Royer Farm Fresh is raised

Individual Cuts (All Prices Per Pound)

Looking to buy lamb for a meal? Try our one to three pound packages of chops, leg of lamb and ground lamb. 

These individual cuts may be available as supplies allow at our Clinton, Indiana farm store (M-F 8 to 5 and Sat 8 to noon), White Violet Center on the campus of St.Mary of the Woods or Indianapolis/Fishers area deliveries (once per month).






Butterflied Boneless Leg of Lamb

Loin Chops

Lamb Stew Meat

Shoulder Chops/Roast

Lamb Apple Bratwurst

Ground Lamb

Rack of Lamb/Rack Chops

Lamb Italian Sausage




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