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A half beef provides 160 pounds of meat for $1750. This combination of steaks, roasts and ground beef works great for larger families and those feeding teenagers! The beef will come in 7-8 brown paper grocery sacks and fill a seven-eight cubic foot freezer (about the size of a large clothes washer). There will be 32 pounds of steak (ribeye, NY Strip, filet, sirloin, flank, skirt, flat iron, tri-tip, round and cube), 34 pounds of roast (chuck, arm, rump and sirloin tip), 64 pounds of ground beef (at least 90% lean), 10 pounds of beef patties and 20 pounds of specialty cuts (brisket, short rib and stew beef). Please note since the meat is cut by hand all weights are close approximations

1/2 Beef Deposit (Next available October 2024)

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