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A whole hog yields 120-140 pounds of pork and fills six brown grocery sacks. The cost is $7.50 per pound and this includes cutting, wrapping, seasoning and curing. 130 pounds of meat would be $975. Both bone-in and boneless chops at ¾” will total about 16 pounds. For the slow cooker or pulled pork there is ~26 pounds of pork shoulder (boston butt and picnic); some of these roasts can be used for ground pork if you prefer. Around 10 pounds of ribs (both spare and country style), two delectable tenderloins at ~1# each, twelve pounds of naturally-cured bacon and at least two pounds of sirloin cutlets or roast are also included. Your remaining 60-70 pounds will be ham and ground pork products. You can have up to 36 pounds of ham (with you choosing weights between 2-5 pounds). If you want more ground pork and less ham, just let us know. The ground pork products of: breakfast sausage patties, unseasoned ground pork, bratwurst and Italian sausages can be mixed and matched to your taste.

Whole Hog Deposit (Available September 2024)

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