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Serious lamb lovers this option is for you. Flavorful, tender lamb when you want; cut the way you want. A whole lamb provides 25-40 pounds of lamb and fits in two brown grocery sacks and will be $330-$580 ($8.25/# of carcass weight with carcasses weighing 40-70#). Cuts that can be included with your order: up to four shanks, shoulder (chops, roasts and/or stew meat), rack of lamb as four 4-rib racks or two 8-rib racks, twelve-sixteen loin chops, lamb sirloin (chops, roast and/or kabob meat), 2 whole legs of lamb or 4 split legs, and ten-fourteen pounds of ground lamb/lamb sausage.

Whole Lamb Deposit (Available fall 2024)

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